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Blog Update: Added a way to report unclear articles or grammar errors

I was sure of something when I decided to start this site: I would write all the content in English, even though 1. it is not my native language, 2. let's say that languages(​​in general) have never been my greatest strength, and English is no exception.

English is the most widely spoken language, and although I do not have the sources to prove it, I am sure that in the field of technology and software, the total percentage of people who speak English is even higher, added to the fact that one of my interests with this site is to reach and connect with people from all over the world.

If writing is a challenge, writing in another language tests your patience. You have to review the content many times to be sure that it is understood, and you can still make mistakes. In my case and maybe the case of others, those mistakes can become insecurities about my content’s quality and discourage me from continuing with this project.

Anyway…, something that worked for me to overcome my fear of speaking (or writing) in English was to realize that I shouldn’t feel wrong about not completely dominating a different language and that the best way to improve is to practice, make mistakes, and receive feedback. Under that premise, I decided to add a function to this site to allow my readers to give me that feedback, so I can fix the error and learn.

How does this form work?

In the lower-left corner, I added an avatar based on the Winnie the Pooh Reading meme that seemed to represent the feeling you get when you don't understand something. It appears when you start scrolling the site since I take that as a sign that the user is reading the post.

When you click, a small form appears so that you can quickly tell me about the error you noticed without leaving the page.

The form can be temporarily hidden in case you want to copy and paste something or reread the text.

I used the telegram API so that when a new report is sent, I immediately receive a notification with a link to view or edit the post and thus resolve the problem as soon as possible.

What do you think? You can use the “typo form” to give some comments.

Until the next blog update ✌️.