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In this section you can find some personal side-projects and experiments that I am doing during my spare time.

Web3 Portfolio

Web3 Portfolio banner

As a challengue to get more involved on web3 technologies in the company I work, I created a decentralized application (DApp) that interacts with the Ethereum blockchain to provide a user-friendly interface for users to easily interact with their assets and NFTs.

Laravel commentable

Laravel commentable banner

A simple laravel Package to add comments to any Laravel Eloquent Model.

This is fine 404 page

This is fine 404 page banner

I challenged myself to create a fun error page for my new site. To do this, I decided to pay tribute to one of my favorite memes, "This is fine."

For this, I had to find ways to animate complex elements like fire flames and put my illustrator skills to the test, which took me a bit out of my comfort zone, but I admit it was kinda fun.

React use form

React use form banner

React hook for easily handling form state, requests, and validation, with a simple and intuitive API. Compatible with React and React Native.

VariantJS (in pause)

VariantJS (in pause) banner

VariantJS is the next version of the VueTailwind package built from scratch for Vue 3 and React.


Vue-Tailwind banner

When I started to use TailwindCSS, I immediately realized that it was a game-changer CSS library. Still, a UI framework that took advantage of the utility framework was missing, so I decided to create my own based on my experience building web applications. banner is a tool that allows nonprofit organizations, artists, athletes, scientists, creators, or any institution or person who performs valuable work to create a website to share their work, receive financial contributions, and keep in touch with people who support them.

Laravel+Node Spreadsheet importer

Laravel+Node Spreadsheet importer banner

Since PHP sucks at importing big csv/excel files I created this library that combines laravel and node to help you to import big spreadsheets within a few seconds

Vue Minesweeper

Vue Minesweeper banner

With Vite and Vue3 officially released, I wanted to build something to test both technologies. I decided to create a clone for the Windows 3.11 Minesweeper, one of my favorite games I used to play when I was a child.

Movjs - Movie and entertainment search engine

Movjs - Movie and entertainment search engine banner

For a job interview, I was asked to build a search engine from scratch with VueJS in just a couple o days, no agreement was reached with the company at that time, but this nice project came out.


Vexilo banner

Vexilo is my former software development company, while active me and my team created many succesful websites an web applications for a wide range of companies in Mexico.

Until today is the first result in Google for this kind of companies.

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